About Us

The Square Foot Theatre is a center for the performing arts that provides opportunities for community participation in theatre performances that educate. enrich and entertain by:

              -- producing a broad range of musical theatre presentations of the  

                  highest quality.

              -- providing hands-on learning experience in all aspects of theatre


              -- creating opportunities for local children and adults to develop their

                  talents in a cooperative setting.


We produce musical theatre productions, offer classes in the performing arts, classroom arts enrichment programs, a visual arts gallery, and rental opportunities for the community that continues to support it.







"In a time where the economy is at an all time record low, and the arts being constantly cut from educational programs, I am overwhelming aware of what my mission is – to create an arts programs that remains active in the community! In the Spring of 2007, I started a production company. Quick Change Productions was formed, offering a venue for local artists to have their voices heard. Through the past couple of years we have bounced around from Middle School to High School Auditorium, from gyms, to local store fronts – never gaining permanency or consistency in a place that we can call our “forever home.”


In December 2010 The Square Foot Theatre came to be. Running a theatre has always been a dream of mine, and my parents have always told me to dream big – and I continue to do so. After years of planning, and setting a board of directors, we officially became a not-for-profit theatre company in 2013. To date, we put on approximately 40 full-scale musical productions. From children’s shows like Alice

in Wonderland, to big Broadway Musicals like Anything Goes, the theatre has something for everybody! We have countless volunteers that build our sets, costumes, and anything and everything we need to

make our productions successful.


The Square Foot Theatre is a place where children and adults can come and be themselves in a nurturing environment; a place that anyone can come and see a professional musical at a reasonable cost! Our company is made up of all walks of life. All of these “square feet” make us who we are and what we stand for - a true community theatre in every sense of the word - community."


Jared Andrew Brown, Executive & Artistic Director