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Sunday, September 30




Sat. 12/15/18 – 7:30pm

Sun. 12/16/18 – 2:00pm


Sat. 12/08/18– 7:30pm

Sun. 12/09/18– 2:00pm




1) Please click here  and print out an AUDITION form.  Please bring this with you to your appointment. 


2) What are YOUR family Holiday Traditions? We would LOVE to hear ALL about them! Please prepare an original 1-2 minute monologue based on your BEST and WORST Holiday Experience.  

* Please Note - this can be fiction OR non-fiction.


We would REALLY like to see your personality. So, PLEASE have your stories memorized!


3) Click here to signup for an audition appointment.


For questions regarding these auditions, please email or call 203-793-7383

Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesday Evenings from 6-8pm, and the occasionally Saturday. (It is important to note that NOT everyone will be called to every rehearsal. So, please don’t let this schedule deter you from auditioning.)


Adult Roles

Father/Bob Bradley -Happy go Lucky, laid back family guy that gets sucked into helping with this year’s

Christmas Pageant when he doesn’t even want to go.

Mother/ Grace Bradley – Strives to be a good Mother to her children and others. She needs to figure out a way

to bring the Christmas pageant together when she finds herself directing it---complete with a cast of Herdsmans!

Secondary Adult (Young Adult )Roles

Mrs. Armstrong – supporting character role, Mrs. Armstrong runs EVERYTHING! At the church until she finds herself

with a broken leg and has to take a back seat to this year’s Christmas Pageant but she is still there to give Grace all her

direction on how things should be done

Reverend Hopkins – one scene character, limited lines, Reverend Hopkins must address Grace Bradley after an incident

at the church, he is not happy with what happened and he is beside himself about what do to do with The Herdmans


Children/Teen Roles

Beth Bradley/Narrator: Beth goes back in time to tell the story of The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever

Charlie Bradley – Beth’s Bother, younger than Beth, he is a victim of the Herdmans

Alice – Alice knows everything and when it’s not done right she ventures to let people know either by correcting them or

writing it down in her book to report to her mother

Maxine – Alice and Bath’s Friend she also narrates the Christmas story in the Pageant

THE HERDMANS: The Herdmans are the “Worst Kids in Town” For anyone that has read the book, the Herdmans are

larger than life, they were bad and kids feared them, parents wanted nothing to do with them including their own

mother when she could help it.

 Imogene – Oldest Girl, has a pivotal moment on stage when things about the Christmas story “click” for her and

she finally gets it, before that she is mean and bossy and the Herdmans leader, has to cry on stage

Gladys – Youngest of the Herdmans she is small but mighty, and likes to bite, her hero is “The Black Knight”

 Ralph – Oldest of the Herdmans and a bully of anyone smaller than him

 Leroy – Steals lunches on the playground at lunch time

 Claude – Wants to take King Herrod out with a machine gun, causes chaos during