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Saturday, December 15, 2018




Sat. 2/23/19 – 7:30pm

Sun. 2/24/19 – 2:00pm

Fri. 2/15/19 – 7:30pm

Sat. 2/16/19 – 7:30pm




1) Please click here  and print out an AUDITION form.  Please bring this with you to your appointment. 


2) Those auditioning should prepare a contemporary monologue.


4) Click here to signup for an audition appointment.


5) If you are unable to attend auditons, please send a video performing your monologue and a copy of your audition form to by Friday, December 14 at 11:59pm.



Freddy: (30s-40s) owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile; everyman; seems simple but capable of great understanding; great non-verbal communicator; down to earth


Gaston: (60ish) Connoisseur of women, now past his prime but still trying. Humorous, wise and utterly French.


Germaine: (30’s-40’s) Waitress, Freddy’s long term girlfriend. Worldly wise, smart, strong; not a glamorous lady, yet undeniably sensual. Voluptuous, earthy and witty.


Albert Einstein: (25-ish) The not-yet famous scientist, currently a patent clerk, approximately one year before publishing The Special Theory of Relativity. Aware that he is always the smartest person in the room but wry not smug about it, vulnerable as any when it comes to looking for connection


Suzanne: (Early 20s) young in energy too, sexy, street savvy, but vulnerable to the artistic type and not nearly so knowing as she makes herself out to be;


The Countess: Intellectual, noble; patron and love interest for Einstein.


Female Admirer: The ultimate fan girl, almost swooning with excitement.


Pablo Picasso: (20s) – the Spanish painter in early form, swagger, assurance and sensitivity, a cocky and insecure artist, 3 years before he paints the work that some say launches cubism, easy way with words and women but a vulnerable side too


Sagot: (30s-50s) Picasso’s art dealer – intellectual with no patience for fools, cutting but not contemptuous


Charles Dabernow Schmendiman: (20s-30s) An up and coming business man; he thinks very highly of himself and his potential; Imagines that he is the next genius to define the new century, energetic and brashly over-assured


The Visitor (Elvis): (25ish) – soft southern dialect, effortless charm, aw shucks and humble sensitivity, everyone wishes they could be him or with him.


Rehearsals will be week nights based on cast availability.

The Square Foot Theatre Company, Inc. is an equal opportunity organization and does not in any form because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation.