"I was just about ready to stop performing before I came to Square Foot. I was tired of the politics one finds in so many local groups and I was beginning to think that the feeling of really bonding with a cast and crew was something that must go away once you get out of high school/college productions. One of the best decisions I have made in recent memory was to give it another shot and go audition for Square Foot. These people are unlike most others. The cast members seemed to bond overnight and the level of support and camaraderie was nothing short of magical. Jared and Pat have poured all of their love and passion into creating a space where any performer feels empowered to reach and exceed his or her potential. This group deserves all of the support they can get to continue empowering and exciting performers. I truly hope that because of the support they receive, another performer will come in on the brink of throwing in the towel and have their drive reignited too." --Jim Norton, SFT Actor


"After attending a performance of Rocky Horror, I immediately knew that I would have to see all of the productions that Square Foot Theater would feature. Becoming a season ticket holder was an easy decision. I have loved every show that I have seen. The theater, itself, is charming. The entire Square Foot Theater staff is amazing. Every cast I have seen simply exudes talent. So happy to have found such a great place that values the arts.


As an advocate for arts appreciation and arts education, SFT has exceeded my expectations of impacting the community in a positive way. I love the mission of the theater company. It really is an incredible organization"

--Melanie M, SFT Subscriber


"The Square Foot Theatre has been my home away from home for the past 8 years. The staff's constant support and guidance has pushed me past my comfort zone and allowed me to become the performer and person I am today. I am eternally grateful that some of my biggest challenges, accomplishments, and friendships all came from this amazing place. I am thankful for all of the opportunities this theatre company has given me. From black box shows to workshops with a Tony award nominee, I'm so honored to be a part of the journey!   --Tina Valente, SFT Actor

Square Foot Stories (1)

"As a semi-prolific theater patron, I have seen a constant high standard of production and talent with each show. As a high school teacher, I have heard my own students talk of their experiences with the company and the genuine care they felt in a place where they finally fit in. As a Wallingford citizen, I've seen a non-profit business take root in our community and thrive. I highly recommend and encourage anyone looking to get involved in the theater or just looking for a good night out to consider the Square Foot Theatre. You won't be disappointed"

--Jean M, SFT Subscriber